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J&M House

Brasília, DF, Brasil

The challenge on this project was to have a homogeneous lighting to serve the architecture and at the same time time serving the family on their intimacy, that liked low lighting and wanted some dramatic lighting scenes.

J&M House is a project with different ground level heights, so the light had to understand the space as something that would be perceived and seen from different height viewpoints. The client asked for low light and the architect wanted a homogeneous lighting quality. The solution was to use indirect light from both sides of the two-level living room, making a cut on one of the walls. The clients also have the habit of receiving friends at home and wanted light in the garden, in a flexible way. The choice was to have light objects, like furniture, with long cables along the garden. That way, the light source could be a flexible furniture and still playful garden element.

Photographer: Joana França
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