About me

I am a lighting designer that creates lighting for theater and architecture, pursuing visual narratives both when designing light for space and for stage. 

Theater taught me how to develop concepts through time and the creation of spaces using light as an instrument, transforming them into other spaces or even into characters inside one narrative. Architecture told me to transform the fantastic into reality and how to make lighting for a subject that crosses spaces and inhabits it in the most unexpected ways. Architecture gives you a constant exercise to design for live. Theater takes the design from it. 

I have studied in Brasília (Universidade de Brasília), Barcelona(Instituto Europeo di Diseño) and Copenhage(Aalborg University). I am a Berlin based artist and I have worked with architecture lighting in offices like Lichtvision, Buro Happold and currently with iart, in Switzerland. 

In Theater I have toured in dozens of Brazilian cities with different plays, and, most of all, in unconventional spaces like metro stations, gymnasiums, boats and art galleries. In Berlin I have been working mostly with decolonial and anti racist thematics, in spaces like Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Ufer studios, HAU 1, 2 and 4, Ballhaus Ost, Gropis Bau, Delphi, Sophiensaele, among others. 

My labor grounds the research of the places in between theater and architecture, art and technical knowledge, nature and culture, tangible and non tangible. I am a visual storyteller and I bring light to people, their bodies, stories and spaces from thoughts to life.

My experience over time


Bachelor in Architecture and Urban planning at UnB, Brasília, BR 



Participates in a course about Lighting Design for spaces Instituto Europeu di Diseño, Barcelona, ES



Starts working with events and architectural lighting. Brasília, BR



Enters as a partner in the architecture office AR Studio 

Brasília, BR


Graduates in Architecture and Urban planning at UnB. Brasília, BR 



Theatrical lighting debut: First site-specific play in a Gymmnasium. Brasília, BR



Joins the research group LTC (Transdisciplinary Laboratory of Set Design). Brasília, BR



Site Specific play "Ensaio Geral" in an art gallery. Brasília, BR


2014 - 2016

Tours in Brazil through several cities as Lighting Designer. BR


2016 -2018

Develops a master in lighting design in Aalborg University. Copenhagen, DK

2017 - 2018

Works as an intern and trainee for Lichtvision. Berlin, DE

2018 - 2020

Frequently works as Lighting Designer and Lighting technical direction for Ballhaus Naunynstraße. Berlin, DE


Works as an independent Lighting Designer for Buro Happold. Berlin, DE


Lighting Designer for plays at Hau 1, Hau 2, Uferstudios. Berlin, DE


Lighting Designer for plays at Gropius Bau(Berlin), Braunschweig, Hannover, Heizhaus, Ballhaus Ost. DE


Works as independent Lighting Designer for iart. Basel, CH