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Berlin, Germany - Uferstudios

How could lighting represent a raw feeling, an anger sensation on itself? How could light create your own spatial narrative and occupy the stage with one clear message?

This project explored the idea of rage and anger. In a space full of hanging frames and other objects that worked like a playground for the performers, several elements were used to serve various faces of anger, and also the reasons anger is activated in our bodies.

Lighting brought anger through the use of two mecanisms:one was the use of back/side light in 45°, crossing the space in long diagonals causing a geometry of tension and caos, never having uniformity on the stage. The second mechanism was the use of clear geometry resembling to the frames on the stage, representing clear borders or limitations as a trigger to the anger, limtation as the trigger for the explosion.

Photographer: Alicja Hoppel
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